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Childrens author Malky Weinstock visited Shulamith during literacy week, meeting with second graders who are pictured holding a book in her “Yael” series.

Literacy week at the Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst drew a range of word-centric speakers last week, including The Jewish Star’s Celia Weintrob, children’s authors Malky Weinstock and Miriam Agular, Mishpacha’s Family First Managing Editor Bassi Gruen, Five Towns Jewish Towns Publisher Larry Gordon, and a Shulamith parent employed by Judaica Press.


    have Yael and Dovy creator come to your school

    Author/Producer and Marketer of the beloved Yael and Dovy Picture book/CD collection.

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    Letters from our adorable readers


    My daughter is really enjoying her Yael books. We already own 6! She really connects to the messages taught in the book and loves singing the songs.

    We have a daughter, Yael, and a son, Akiva, and we love your books! Thank you for publishing them and teaching Jewish children around the world such important messages :)

    Thank you for the hours and hours of quality learning and smiles for my kids bH!! Super sweet, kind, quality books!!

    Hi I bought the new book it is a huge hit!--What a beautiful message! My teacher is so impressed!

    I really like your books and they are my favorite books. I just love reading them!

    I never liked “reading” and I never “read” books until I saw 1 small thin pink book and I loved it so I “re-read it” over and over until I now know it by heart. From then on, I started to love READING. I really appreciate.

    Thanks for your books!!

    Hi! My name is Esther Ruchy. I love to read and reread each book 20 times! I really love your books and CDs because they are so interesting and fun! I have one question-how do you make up the stories and the people?

    Thanks for your books!!

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    Living with Lite - Y Magazine

    It was a scene on the verge of spontaneous combustion. They were two four-year-old girls, and there was only one pink doll carriage.

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    LITE Up Your Little Girls’ Nights And Days - Five Towns Jewish Times Interview

    Take a look around your little girl’s room. What do you see? Barbies? Polly Pockets? Perhaps an American Girl doll? What message do some of these secular characters convey?

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    Book Nook - Yael’s Loving World

    Move over Barbie.......Yael is here! Charmingly adorable while exemplifying Jewish values, she’s fast becoming the newest and most beloved role model for our little Jewish daughters.

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