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I love my parents (even when I don’t listen so well.)

I love my brother and my baby sister

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Yael and her new Baby Sister
And most of all — I love Hashem.

And I know He loves me, too! Do you know Hashem loves you?

Hint: Read
Yael and the Secret Language
You can read my book where I learn that Hashem is really listening to what I have to say.
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Yael’s Loving World

Oh, you want to know more about me? I’m 5 years old ! I’m still a little small, but I know I’m perfect the way I am!

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New Shoes for Yael

I go to Preschool with my friends and I have the best Morah who loves me and made me the best birthday party in class!

I used to be worried about so many things but now I don’t and I can show you how you don’t have to either!
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Yael Worries No More
And you know, we got
a new girl in class, Chany.

She was being bullied, and I didn’t like it one bit. Neither would you, I know!

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Yael Stand Tall!
My brother goes to Yeshiva.

My parents love me and take care of me and my siblings.

I also have Saba and Savta who live near me and I love spending time with them.

They teach me how all of the Jewish People are one big family!

Hint: Read
Yael and her Great Big Family
Together, we enjoy Shabbos and all the Yomim Tovim.

We learn about life, about middos, about Torah, and most of all — about Hashem!

I’m excited for you to join me as I learn and grow!

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