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I’m a regular boy like you. I proudly wear a yarmulke on my head and tzitzis under my shirt.

I also make mistakes. We all do!

I celebrate Shabbos and
Yom Tov
together with family and friends. I sometimes go to shul with my Abba.

I love to run and sometimes my Abba and Mommy get upset. But I know they love me and want me to be my best! Just like I want you to be your best, too.

Hint: Read
Dovy Runs
I have friends on my block that I love to play with and even though it’s hard sometimes, I learned to share my favorite things.
Hint: Read
Dovy learns to share
I love cars and trucks, and watching construction sites.
Hint: Read
Dovy and the Builders
I love Hashem and our Torah that Hashem gave us teach us how to live. I even got to see a real live Hachnosas Sefer Torah—know what this is?!
Hint: Read
Dovy and the Hachnosas Sefer Torah
I have so many adventures where I get to learn about Mitzvahs and Middos and of course about the Yomim Tovim!
Have you read any of my books yet? You should check them out!

I become best friends with a lot of boys like you, through my books. Be my friend, k?