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Once upon a time, Jewish children had no entertainment characters of their own

The Jewish people have kosher food, kosher resorts — kosher everything. Our children too need "kosher” entertainment characters to inspire them.

Jewish, kosher entertainment that connects them to our unique Jewish heritage and lifestyle!

Malky Weinstock had a dream:

To parlay kids’ addictive connection with characters like Dora and Barbie into a Jewish inspirational role model character. Because in the best-case scenario, secular entertainment provides little meaning, and in the worst-case scenario, it subconsciously insinuates values foreign to Torah.

Author/Producer and Marketer of the beloved Yael and Dovy Picture book/CD collection.
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So the story goes…

In June 2011, deep in the faraway land of Brooklyn, New York, Malky created Yael © — the first-ever inspirational Jewish little girl character. Malky flew to a doll collector show to find the perfect face for Yael — beautiful, graceful, innocent. Her illustrator created Yael from the doll she chose.

Her first book, Yael’s Loving World, was met with excitement and relief from parents worldwide.

Fabulous stories, important values, and a most relatable Jewish girl character! Sweet, mischievous, emotionally complex.
Just like my daughter.”
Fueled by her vision (and lots of loyal readers), Malky created one Yael title after another.

And she hasn’t stopped since — she busily adds more books and products every few months.

Mazel tov — it’s a boy!

Responding to the clamor of parents for a boy role model character, in 2015, Malky created the Dovy © character and a steadily-growing Dovy book series. Little Jewish boys finally have their own motivational, relatable role model. (And they can stop “borrowing” their sister’s Yael books…)

Happy parents and (adorable) loyal readers

One happy reader passed the message to another, who passed it on to another… and the brand took off!

Ten years since its launch, over 200,000 books around the world.

The Yael and Dovy mission continues:

To win the hearts of Jewish girls and boys.

And the Jewish children live happily ever after.


The woman behind
Yael and Dovy’s World

When people meet Malky Weinstock (known as “Mrs. Yael”) they feel her love for the children she writes for. “I want to empower our children with Jewish values. I want to provide a meaningful and fun alternative to the pervasive Barbie, Dora, and other secular characters.”

Her mantra is “small girls, big potential!”. Inspired by this vision, Malky followed her dreams and built a Jewish child’s role model. A character that motivates and inspires as much as entertains.

With Malky’s recipe of combining her fun, irresistibly cute characters + exquisite eye candy illustrations with highly relatable, true to life messaging + original theme songs, there isn’t a Jewish child who won’t fall in love with Yael and Dovy. The books even become springboards for important parent-child and teacher-student discussions. Watch your child learn actionable lessons from Yael and Dovy!

— Malky Weinstock,
Founder of Yael and Dovy & Author of the LITE Child series
Ignite your child’s potential with these 4 words:

When people meet Malky Weinstock (known as “Mrs. Yael”) they feel her love for the children she writes for.

That’s why the brand is called LITE child. Through relatable characters and enjoyable entertainment, we gently love, inspire, teach, and encourage each child — so they become the best version of themselves. A leader in their homes, schools, and most importantly — a leader of themselves!

Yael and Dovy’s world is where every Jewish child is cherished

Our vision is to create entertainment that actually enriches children’s lives. Entertainment that makes your children feel loved. Because where there’s love, there’s growth.

Hundreds of thousands of children will be encouraged and inspired by Yael and Dovy. It is our privilege to thank Hashem for enabling us to bring this to His children.

OUR values
Growing up is about learning to value what matters
When you have a relationship with someone you love

Every child deserves — and needs — to feel loved. And that’s because love is the springboard for growth, for development. Yael and Dovy’s world is brimming with love for each child. The children feel it. That’s why they fall in love with the characters.

Nothing less than perfect

Expect world-class quality — from the content to the illustrations, these books play in the big leagues. And the quality comes from the dedication to detail: selecting just the right illustration, creating yet another version of the manuscript, staying late in the office to revise for the 437th time. There’s no point in creating a product that doesn’t make kids happy and parents happier. And when we aim for excellence, our readers feel it.

To change the world,
start with one child

Because today's children are tomorrow's mothers and fathers, Yael and Dovy seek to celebrate and instill core values into our precious children. The next generation. One child at a time, Yael and Dovy gently convey Ahavas Yisrael and Ahavas Hashem, encouraging our children to grow and become the kind of people who make this world (and themselves) better. With self-awareness, every child can become their best version.

It All Starts With Love

Children learn a lot of the how, and not enough of the why. They know how we celebrate Shabbos and they know what we do on Pesach, but they don’t know why — we do mitzvos because we have a relationship with Hashem. A relationship with Hashem is the most satisfying, fulfilling relationship you could ever have. And when you have a relationship with Someone you love, you want to make Him happy. When you know that, everything becomes easier. And if you never learn that, everything else is very hard.


Yael and Dovy spread love from Australia to London to New York

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How Yael and Dovy come to life

STEP 1: Listen, engage, experience.

There is an always-on "antenna" in Malky’s mind. She tunes into the world around her, picking up or experiencing concepts that would make for a great book. She also engages others parents and educators in her search for potential new book ideas. She welcomes suggestions!

STEP 2: A lightbulb in my mind.

As soon as an idea takes root in my mind, I quickly sit down and write a first draft. The draft may go through several different iterations and then it's on to developing the images.

STEP 3: Create a storyboard.

With each book, we place a strong emphasis on engaging and striking imaging that bring the book to life. I can't tell you how exciting it is to see the images make the book come to life!

STEP 4: Compose a song.

Music conveys messages like nothing else. That's why everyone of teh Yael & Dovy books comes with a song! Malky spends countless hours writing, composing, and recording.

STEP 5: Send off to print — and celebrate!

When the text, illustrations, and song are ready, it’s time for production! Malky says, “When I finally hold a new book in my hands for the first time, I am so filled with gratitude, knowing it's a new creation that Hashem helped me to produce!”