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    Testimonials and Endorsements

    Parents and educators love Yael & Dovy's World

    “Strong, wholesome message that kids love!”

    “In the two girls’ school libraries I work for, the Yael and Dovy books are so beloved and in high demand! The girls love the songs. The pictures are appealing, the messages are clear, the story is comforting. And there’s always something new! All in all, they teach strong, wholesome messages in a package that kids really like to read. Malky came for school events and she was warm, kind, and the girls connected to her right away. She had a beautiful message, same as her books: to empower children to be the best they can be. Wherever she goes she’s a big hit — the kids are thrilled. And after getting to know Malky, I see she really means it. She’s really in it for the kids.”

    “I also love Yael!”

    “My six-year-old and two-year-old daughters were instantly drawn in by the beautifully illustrated, fun book that also includes songs. The book and CD have not had a day’s rest since! I can’t wait for other additions to this series—if for no other reason than to let “Yael’s Loving World” have a day off. As a parent, I have to admit, I also love Yael.”

    “Nothing compares to Yael and Dovy”

    “They’re not just stories — each one teaches lessons in a relatable, age-appropriate way. My children learn how to cope with real life, how to be better people, better friends. They become aware of themselves and their feelings. Plus, the read-along audios make the children so happy. Soon after we get a new book we’re all singing along! The books are pleasing to the eye, a perfect size for young children to hold, and the vocabulary hits the perfect note. In the school where I work, Yael and Dovy books are in high demand. By now, the next generation is reading them. There are lots of great Jewish books, but I haven’t come across a comparable book with such great stories, illustrations, and variety.
    Your children will enjoy these books from the moment they get them. They’ll know them in their sleep — and then dream of getting the next one!”

    Kosher Certification

    The rabbinic board of Judaica Press ensures each book's authenticity. These books convey basic Jewish teachings. Kindness, respect, prayer, middos-building — the timeless Torah values handed down to our people.